How it Works: Old World Fountain

Old World Fountain 

11.FinishedOne of the most exciting parts of working out in the field is seeing projects like this one evolve. It is incredible how it starts with an idea and evolves through the engineering and planning into being built. A lot goes into making a fountain from scratch, here's an inside look at the steps it takes:



  1. Starting from the ground up. Our team excavated the area where the fountain is going to go.


Forms are set to guide the poured concrete foundation of both the plinth for the trough and the base of the wall.


The floor frame allows another level of concrete to provide ground level support. This will channel the water back to the cistern that will hold the pump.

5. Pump Housing

This is the housing for the pump itself. Allowing for access to the area from behind the fountain wall.


We then added the plumbing for inside the wall and started building the rock wall.


After the stones were set and the french stone trough was installed as the scupper or piece that pours the water.


We matched the existing mortar and finish that was present on the building. This took some experimenting and color tests to get the texture and color perfect. These color tests had to dry before we could hold them up to existing work.


The finished product was this elegant old world feel. Then we brought in the basin and tested the pump. The final result is a work of art was in collaboration between the client, her friend and stone expert as well as our incredible mason Dario and his team Sam and Ismael, in addition to the mastermind Roy who devised a way to make everything work.