3 Things No One Tells You about Landscape Designers

design.drawing3 Things No One Tells You about Landscape Designers

“Why do I need your services?” is probably not a question you ask the person who prepares your taxes. However, it’s a question I answer often!

As a Landscape Designer I explain why we are those wizards who can take anything you envision, create a design and direct an installation team -- all while balancing 5 gallon plants!

Your Landscape Designer is a Translator

Sixty-seven percent of adults surveyed agree that professional landscape help would allow them to have a “nicer yard”. To have a “nicer yard” you need a translator.

As a graduate of Landscape Architecture and a practicing Landscape Design/Build professional, I offer my clients the unique ability to translate what they are thinking into the landscape vocabulary -- verbally and concretely (excuse the pun). It’s like having someone take you to an exotic restaurant and decode the menu so your meal isn't a surprise.

Your Landscape Designer Speaks “Sonoma”

A great design helps to create a conversation with a space, it exceeds your needs and that of the ecosystem where it lives. We are your personal advocates to help realize your needs and the needs of your landscape. Think of me as a life coach between humans and dirt.

Here is Sonoma County we are facing a change in climate that is resulting in less water and more sun. We have seen and can suggest hundreds of different changes, small and large, that can evolve your landscape along with the climate.


Your Landscape Designer is a Sculptor 

Landscape design is an art form. It takes the science of shape, texture and color and uses it to create a look that complements other aspects of your land. That is something that takes expertise and finesse. Anyone can plant a garden; it takes a pro to sculpt a yard. Throw in plants, soil, growth patterns, nutrients, irrigation paths and you have a work of art!

So, if you want a Landscape Designer who is also a translator, linguist and sculptor, I have a question for you to answer:

“Why not give us a try?”